“ Origin X Trunk95” is nominated in 2014 Taiwan Crafts Competition: The Dream of Craft.

Taiwan The Dream of Craft | Chance bike - Origin

National Taiwan Craft Research Institute (briefly described as NTCRI), in 1979, held “the appraisal of the industrial handcraft product contest,” which had been renamed to “the appraisal of the article of daily use contest,” combined with “ the industrial craft contest” and finally named “the dream of the craft.” NTCRI aggressively popularized the existence value of the craft, and cooperated with the international exportations, which made the craft plays an important and un-negligible role in Taiwan’s economical miracles.

The government has impelling national constructions since 1960, which has brought enormous business opportunities. And by the co-operation of entire civilized educations, technology abilities increase rapidly, Taiwan had become one of the large industrial production countries in the world. But economic transfers and industry emigrations made us encountered bottlenecks in technology upgrades.

In order to solve this problem, the authorities had launched a policy that made our industry developed towards high technology directions. In 1996, the government has introduced knowledge economies and cultural originality industries, and built image business circles, planed cultural parks and strengthened Taiwan images, representing Taiwan’s appearance. Cooperation with the action of multiple educations, more and more intelligent and brilliant people contribute there knowledge consequently, which established a completely new road for traditional craft industries.

Taiwan  The Dream of Craft | Chance bike - Origin

Photo:2014/06/01 TRUNK95 & CHANCE BIKE

Event website:culture.skm.com.tw