Chance GS-08-S

Vintage Classic Retro Honey Brown Leather Style Bicycle Saddle

For Bike Type:

Road Bike – Touring, Tandem Bike, Track Bike, Fixed Gear

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Size (mm) M 270*210 / F 250*210
Rail Steel Spring (CP, Black)
Rivet Stainless
Color Natural、Honey、Brown、Black

Rules of Order:

Chance Bike | Saddle OEM
Minorder 60 piece 100 piece
Type(One Color = One Type) 2 1
The minimum order of Chance Saddle is 60 pieces, while the one without Chance logo is 100 pieces. You can choose 2 different types of saddles in one Chance Saddle order. However, you can only choose 1 type of saddle in your OEM order.Note: Each color is considered as different type.